Give your customers the opportunity to pay in a convenient way!

Trust the experience of WELLCOINPAY specialists and make online payments securely. Boxed solutions for a merchant account one connection – a wide selection of payment methods.

Our advantages

We will help you meet banking requirements

We connect acquiring for start-ups (possibly for individuals), tell novice entrepreneurs how to optimize their business. We will tell you how to comply with the banking regulations for acquiring. We work in accordance with the requirements of international payment systems Visa and Master Card.

Increased Payment Conversion

We will select payment instruments that will increase your turnover. We will connect additional features: moto payments, multicurrency, link payments, recurring payments, mass payments. If you have a low conversion on transactions, we will open additional payment gateways.

Expansion of the geography of payments

Entering new markets! With us you can expand the geography of payments on your site. If you want to go international or focus on a specific market, we will accompany you. We support all major payment methods and different verticals of projects.

Merchant account

Thanks to our service provided by online merchants, you can accept electronic payments on your website.

We provide a ready-to-use platform for receiving online payments on your website, both for small and medium businesses. This is the optimal solution with which you can meet the needs of each client and thereby contribute to the development of your business.

Internet acquiring

For the efficiency of your payment processes, we offer a progressive solution for the acquiring system.

The system of our services will provide the flexibility of payment processes developed for the most comfortable online business. We offer an adaptive module that works through a scalable API server and is configured individually.

Payment processing

Convenient mechanism and a wide range of processing services for acquiring banks and issuers.

For a leading position among competitors in the financial environment, our full range of processing services will help you, allowing you to manage all stages of processing electronic payments. Modern technologies and the list of services provided will provide a stable platform for receiving online payments.

Payment in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a convenient means of payment, you can organize payment acceptance in cryptocurrency using the payment platform Wellcoinpay.

Cryptocurrency has firmly entered modern life, it has long been a reliable and convenient means of payment. If you want to increase the efficiency of your business and increase the conversion, connect the payment cryptocurrency.

Accept payments, and we will take care of their security

Our company has passed the international PCI DSS security audit.

Tariffs for accepting payments

Bank cards

The most common way to shop online! Accept bank cards of popular payment systems.

from 3,5%


Electronic payments (Qiwi, Yandex, Webmoney, etc.) without risks and problems. Accept payment for goods or services worldwide.

from 3%

Mobile payments

Instant payments via SMS. Billing by SMS and email and provide the opportunity to pay.

from 3%


Anonymous payment method. Accept payments from all over the world without restrictions on the geography of payments.

from 3%

Internet banking

Bank transfers and opening a bank account in the desired region and the ability to accept payments by SEPA or SWIFT.

How to connect payment acceptance?

  1. Register on the site or write to us in messengers or by mail. Only an e-mail or mobile phone is required for communication.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire, answer a few questions (turnovers, history), add documents and wait for a specialist to answer.
  3. Sign the contract for receiving the merchant account and we will begin to connect the payment gateway.

After signing the contract, you can begin the integration! In order to meet all the requirements, read the instructions here.


In order to connect Internet acquiring to your project, you need to contact our specialist and get an initial consultation about the possibility of connecting payment solutions.

he list of documents may vary depending on the legal structure of the organization (legal entity or individual) and type of business.

At our disposal there are express solutions that allow you to get acquiring to your site in a few hours.

The cost of connection varies and depends on many factors, including such as the processing history for 6 months, the subtleties of the business model and the regions for receiving payments.

As a rule, transfers occur instantly.

Using the API or without integration using invoices or a payment button.

Connect accept payments on your site, and we optimize the work. Stay ahead of your competition!