Modern payment technologies

The Wellcoinpay Processing Center provides a wide range of services for online business. In addition, the company helps make the payment world profitable and convenient for all its members. We offer a convenient business solution that allows you to accept all types of payments without restrictions.

Increasing the types of payments that a company can apply, improving the convenience of payment for buyers give your business new opportunities, raise it to a new level. Customer base and customer loyalty are growing. Cooperation with Wellcoinpay is a real chance to increase profits, increase profitability of the company.

The active and constant pursuit of advanced technologies is one of the company’s important tasks, and the support of a team of highly qualified specialists allows us to offer our customers and partners a platform that provides new opportunities for business development.

Cooperation with Wellcoinpay is an opportunity to take your business to a new level. We offer the latest technological solutions that allow you to forget about restrictions and expand the customer base. Using our platform, you can accept absolutely all types of payments in real time – safely, in accordance with all modern requirements – combating money laundering, combating erroneous coding, etc.


Focusing on security and market compliance, the company can offer its customers a secure environment for kat and payment processing in accordance with the PCI DSS Level 1 standard.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology solutions, Wellcoinpay can be proudly called one of the most reliable payment platforms in the world. You and your customers can always feel protected from fraudsters. Our system tracks any suspicious activity and cuts off any possibility of illegal intent.

The ability to personalize infusions on payments, limits and the geography of their acceptance helps to maximize your business and take into account its peculiarities.

KYT transaction monitoring to combat money laundering

The Wellcoinpay software allows you to:

  1. Identify high-risk financial activities.
  2. Reduce false positives.
  3. Notify of attempted illegal transactions in real time.

Our software will conduct a detailed assessment of the reliability and solvency of the counterparty, as well as find out whether its assets were involved in illegal financial transactions.

Payment conversion

Wellcoinpay has a wide network of payment gateways around the world and at the same time is constantly improving technology to meet current market requirements. In particular, the descriptor can be adapted for the client, including taking into account the features of the geography of receiving payments.

Partner Program

Our Partner Program does not limit your promotion. Grow your business and talk about Wellcoinpay, earning revenue for attracted customers.

Working with us is profitable! Create your own passive source of income. Tell us about us, share your impressions, recommend to colleagues and get money for it! The Partner Program is fully transparent. Booked payments come instantly. The terms of the partner program that we offer are among the most profitable.

Update payment gateway (channel) for better traffic

Wellcoinpay is constantly working to improve its online payment processing software. This allows more transactions to be processed at one processing power. Reliability of operation is also improved, integration with the site is improved. With the use of cloud technologies, all these updates are immediately available to our customers.

Modular system

Make your business easier with our modular system, which provides a wide range of functionality and is easily managed with APIs, adapting to the ever-changing needs of your business.

The Wellcoinpay connection system is very simple, it is enough to download the necessary modules and install them, following the detailed instructions. Ready-made modules allow you to set up the acceptance of online payments and other necessary services in the shortest possible time and increase the efficiency of your business. Our modules meet the most stringent transaction security requirements.

Cloud storage and data transfer technologies

Wellcoinpay actively uses cloud technology for its solutions:

  • Storage-as-a-Service;
  • Database-as-a-Service;
  • for administration and management (Management/Government-as-a-Service);
  • for the operation of various applications that provide the processing of Internet payments (Platform-as-a-Service).

This allows our customers to:

  • work stably regardless of their technical capabilities;
  • instantly use all updates to our software.

Constant communication

The Wellcoinpay Processing Center provides a high-quality service for financial transactions and offers direct connection to Visa and MasterCard authorization and clearing systems around the world.

Online payments through the Wellcoinpay payment platform are made in real time. The transaction is processed instantly. No delays or failures! Once you start working with Wellcoinpay, you will be able to evaluate in practice the high quality of the services provided. To provide our customers with the maximum capabilities, we have created a convenient platform that can be easily integrated using SOAP or APIs.


Wellcoinpay checks your customers, eliminating risks and additional care. We conduct our work in accordance with KYC policy.

We help minimize fraud, increase confidence in you. Modern verification methods allow you to repeatedly reduce risks and eliminate financial losses. Our verification system is time-tested and constantly being improved. We use reliable procedures Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML):

  • identification of identity documents, including investor’s documents;
  • Compare the photo in the document to a custom selfie;
  • Determine the user’s age and national origin
  • Automatically mark forged or forged documents;
  • determine the viability of the real human face compared to the hologram;
  • check photos in internal databases of fraudulent materials and cases to protect your service from professional fraud and cybercrime.


One-click payment is an instant payment technology that allows you to pay for goods or services within a few seconds.

It is ideal for accepting payments from verified and regular customers. The payment process takes no more than a second. The client does not need to enter the card number and confirm the payment using 3D-Secure. You can integrate instant payment button on your website or in a mobile application. The payment process can be convenient and simple. This increases the conversion of payments, increases profits, increases customer loyalty.

This is a secure web portal that can perform virtual POS functions. Accepting payments by phone or fax, thanks to which you can accept payments from anywhere in the world, having only an Internet connection.

Moto payment is a great way to increase sales. This is a universal tool that can be easily integrated into the site of an online store or seller of services. Moto payment is ideal for businesses engaged in a significant part of sales by phone, for example, companies engaged in telemarketing, selling tours, cosmetics, dietary supplements.

A convenient service that allows you to create and send individual letters to your customers by email with an internal link to pay. Clicking on the link allows you to generate an invoice and make a payment using a credit or debit card.

If the invoice is automatically generated, the payment process is extremely simple. The client receives the link, clicks the “Pay” button and proceeds to payment. This allows you to make payments to customers using any payment systems. Payment by link and invoice is universal, suitable for any business. It is convenient and safe. The client can pay at any time convenient for him.

Payment may be charged on a regular basis. The client needs to enter information about the card only once, after which the payment will be made automatically according to a predetermined schedule.                             

With recurrent payments, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your business and increase your profits. They are suitable for regularly recurring payments: recharge, pay for subscriptions to programs or services that are provided on a regular basis.                             

The use of recurrent payments helps to improve business efficiency, by saving time on billing, as well as increase conversion. Using our payment platform, you can customize payment settings and manage payments.

Main payment systems online

With the development of technology, the electronic payment system has taken many forms, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic cash and checking systems, smart cards, digital wallets, contactless payment methods and mobile payments. Today, e-commerce has become a rapidly growing market. With the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, the use of electronic payment methods has grown to 21%. The use of credit cards has become the main international means of online payments, which dominated various transaction markets. It was estimated that 75% of all electronic trading operations in Russia are carried out using credit cards.

The list of world leaders in the field of e-commerce has not changed for several years. The undisputed US leader with a figure of $9 trillion, ahead of Japan in second place by 3 times and China in fourth place by 4 times. The top ten also included Germany, South Korea, Great Britain, France, Canada, India and Italy.

The volume of transactions in cryptocurrency is growing. Compared to last year, this figure increased by 308%!

Other widely used online payment options are debit cards (with an increase in the number of users around the world) and online payment systems such as Paypal, WebMoney, Skrill, Qiwi and Yandex. Due to the availability of various electronic payment means, including mobile payments and electronic currency, the corresponding option can be selected for a certain type of transaction.

The Wellcoinpay Processing Center is your trusted online payment partner. With us, you will always be confident in the security of your transactions, their protection from fraud. Real-time transactions, no failures, ease of use are all Wellcoinpay. Grow your business with us!