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The internet has taken over the world. This has already become an axiom. Every little thing that you need and that you find in seconds, see on your phone or computer screen and buy, makes your e-commerce business even stronger. Whether a person wants to buy a product or just check for availability, their first instinct is to go online and search there.

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In fact, with the rise in popularity of using online stores to shop, especially for younger and trendier products, traditional businesses are also opening online stores to further expand and keep up with market trends.

Doing business online is different from traditional offline store sales.

And one of the most significant differences between them is the way customers pay for purchases. As a traditional offline store owner, you could simply accept cash from a customer, but this is not the case for e-commerce sellers.

For the latter, providing various payment methods is no less important than keeping a large assortment of goods in stock.

The rise in the use of bank cards for payment shows that merchants must offer their customers convenient online card processing solutions in order not to lose significant market share.

Are you an aspiring seller looking to get into e-commerce? Or do you trade online and want your merchant account to have more payment options?
Finding modern ecommerce acquiring services is where you need to start.

What is e-commerce bank card processing?

If you want to start accepting online payments for your goods and services, then bank card processing services are absolutely essential for you.
E-commerce bank card processing solutions are the same for online stores as POS solutions for traditional businesses. Both use the same process (payment with bank cards), but using different tools.

In the case of an offline sale using a POS terminal, information about a bank card is transmitted through it to the international payment system that owns the card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), to the issuing bank and the acquiring bank. The buyer is authorized by entering the PIN-code of the card into the POS terminal.

In e-commerce, the buyer must manually enter the card number, CVV code on a special page of the payment gateway, and then the code sent to the phone number attached to his bank account. That is, to make a purchase in an online store, a person must indicate the goods they need, enter their payment information, and the transaction will be completed.

Processing a bank card for e-commerce occurs at the same speed as processing a card in a POS terminal, that is, it occurs in real time.

Safe electronic acquiring solutions from Wellcoinpay

Looking for an acquiring provider to start accepting online payments? Or do you want to find a more profitable option for a trading account?

Wellcoinpay offers the perfect payment solution for your e-commerce store.

Wellcoinpay, headquartered in London, is a leading merchant account provider offering complete e-commerce bank card processing solutions ideal for meeting the payment requirements of online businesses.

No matter what business or product you sell, with our strong network of acquiring banks and over 95% seller approval rate, Wellcoinpay is opening its doors of cooperation widely for every merchant looking for quality e-commerce bank card processing solutions.

Our advantages:

  1. High security of transactions. We offer our clients a secure payment processing environment in accordance with PCI DSS Level 1.
  2. Favorable rates.
  3. We work with twenty currencies, including the most popular in the world and in the CIS countries – US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, ruble, hryvnia, Belarusian ruble.
  4. Cloud storage technologies and data transmission, which allows our customers to work steadily regardless of their computing capabilities, instantly use all our software updates.
  5. Convenient modular system for connecting to Wellcoinpay.
  6. Lots of convenient payment solutions:
    • payments in one click;
    • MOTO payments;
    • Recurrent payments;
    • Payments by link and invoice.

Optimize payments and grow your business with ecommerce acquiring at Wellcoinpay. Contact us and apply now!

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