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Looking for commercial card processing services and card processing providers for your business?

Current trends indicate rapid changes in the market in terms of payment for services and goods. The modern consumer is accustomed to maximum convenience when paying in cash or with bank cards.

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Thus, implementing bank card processing technology is a key factor in the development and prosperity of your business. Card processing services add value to your business.

A high-quality bank card processing service is absolutely essential, since it affects a key area of ​​business – payment for services or goods provided. Quality means:

  1. Fast and reliable transactions.
  2. Affordable rates for processing bank cards.
  3. Availability of comprehensive technical support.

The business owner must be sure that all the smallest details of accepting payments electronically will be handled by a bank card processing provider.

Here’s a quick rundown of how bank card processing works:

  • Bank card presented for payment by the client.
  • Encrypted transaction information is securely sent to the processor.
  • This transaction information is then sent to an international credit card provider (such as MasterCard or Visa), who then sends the transaction authorization to the customer’s bank.
  • The data is then transferred to the client’s bank, where it can be approved or rejected depending on the availability of funds. The results of the transaction are then sent back to the processor through the international provider’s network.
  • The results are then sent to the website for seller and buyer review. Buyer’s goods are delivered by the seller.
  • The international bank card provider transfers funds to the merchant’s bank account as soon as the issuing bank sends them the allocated funds.
  • Within 2-4 business days, the money is credited to the seller’s bank account. This is called settlement.

Benefits of bank card processing

  1. Business legitimization – accepting a bank card makes your business legitimate. This increases the credibility of him. You grab the customer’s attention by displaying credit card logos that are accepted at the checkout or website. Trust in them flows into trust in your business.
  2. Increased sales – Moving from cash-only transactions to accepting electronic payments can significantly expand your customer base. This ultimately leads to more sales for your business. A variety of payment methods make your business accessible to a large target audience.
  3. Critical to Online Business – Most online transactions take place electronically using credit or debit cards. For an e-merchant, card processing is an absolute must.
  4. Acceleration of money circulation – the processing of bank cards is an electronic process. Funds are settled and credited to the merchant’s bank account quickly. This results in less cash. It also eliminates the risk of accepting doubtful checks for payment.
  5. Convenience – bank card processing is an automated process. Hence, it becomes convenient and efficient for both sellers and buyers. Using bank cards for payment is not only an easy and convenient way for a client. But also profitable. Banks award bonus points, air kilometers, etc. for using a bank card as a reward.

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We, Wellcoinpay international company, offer a wide range of payment processing solutions to meet all your requirements. Our full-featured credit card processing services help you reduce costs, increase sales and improve the overall profitability of your business.

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Regardless of the size or type of business, we:

  • offer customized solutions with low operating costs;
  • we provide a high level of security to protect your business and your customers from electronic theft and credit card fraud.

Wellcoinpay is unmatched in providing quality bank card processing services. We work in the following countries: Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine.

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