How to connect the payment service to the site?

Payment on the website for goods and services using a bank card or one of the electronic wallets (Yandex money, Qiwi, Web money is the most common in Russia) is becoming commonplace.

According to statistics, in 2019, 94.4% of Russians aged 18-60 years at least once paid for goods / services via the Internet. Therefore, we can say about the total penetration of this method of payment into our lives.

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Online payment on the site is a prerequisite for the successful development of almost any business.

This allows relatively inexpensive tools to significantly scale it, covering an audience hundreds and thousands of times larger than it was with offline sales.

But how to link payment systems to the site, if there are several? First, we briefly describe the existing methods.

Modern payment acceptance options on the site

Payment can be accepted on the site in the following ways:

  1. From electronic wallets ( PayPal, Skrill).
  2. Bank cards of Visa, Mastercard, transactions with which pass through processing centers.
  3. Mobile payments from phones.
  4. Using online banking services by issuing electronic payments to customers.

Let’s consider these options in more detail.

The system of payment to the site using electronic money

A popular method of payment, as many Russians already have electronic wallets, which can be replenished directly from bank cards. Each electronic money system sets its own requirements for the seller. For example, for Web Money you need to have a merchant certificate. However, these formalities are easily and quickly resolved. And the reward of minor troubles is the ability to accept payments in a popular way among the population.

Bank cards

Payment by credit card on the site is now the most popular way of online payments. Moreover, the amount of funds in such transactions exceeds the same indicator for cash withdrawals. How to accept payments with visa and mastercard on the site? To do this, it is necessary to install special software on it, as well as pass an audit of the bank’s security service. But all these efforts are justified, because, we repeat, payment by card on the site is now the most popular way of online payments.

Mobile payments

A method of payment that is gaining popularity is when you need to send an SMS phone number with a specific code to the specified in the details or click on a certain button. A significant minus is a large commission to the mobile operator, up to 40% of the payment amount.

Internet banking

Payment is made through special banking applications. The method is universal and convenient for the seller, as it does not require any special software on the site. It is enough to indicate the card number to which funds must be transferred. But the buyer is required to have these same banking applications on their computers or phones.

How to make online payment on the site convenient for the buyer and seller

Buyer position is clear. The more payment methods the site offers, the more convenient it is for the buyer. It’s convenient for one to pay by card, the other through an electronic wallet. Or at the moment there is no money on the card, but there is on an electronic wallet, etc.

And what is convenient for the seller? Of course, he wants to have all the payment methods in his online store. But installing and configuring software for each option, tying every payment system … is tiring, and the probability of failure increases. And since it is directly related to money, it is especially painful.

We describe the procedure for connecting a payment system to a site using the qiwi electronic money as an example:

  1. Fill out the registration form, indicating the type of connection – “Acceptance of payments”.
  2. Pass a security check on this electronic system.
  3. Enter into a contract.
  4. Set up in your account by specifying the URL of the sales module of your online store and other necessary data.

Such manipulations must be done for each payment system in the online store.

So how to organize the receipt of payments on the site the most rational? Use a payment aggregator – a service that allows you to accept payments by any means!

Which payment aggregator to choose

There are several similar services. For example, Robokassa (one of the oldest in Russia), “Money Online”, “Yandex.Kassa”, etc. When choosing a specific aggregator, you must be guided by the principles:

  1. Cost of service.
  2. Its reliability and safety.
  3. Ease of use for the buyer and seller.

In this article, we will not analyze all of these payment aggregators, but recommend the following – Wellcoinpay. Its quality and reliability can be estimated by the following objective indicators:

  • works in more than 180 countries of the world, that is, almost all over the world;
  • supports 53 payment systems, including cryptocurrency (still rare for such services);
  • supports 20 currencies.

By this indicator (the number of countries supported by payment systems and currencies) Wellcoinpay is significantly ahead of any similar domestic system.

Now about the other benefits of Wellcoinpay

  1. Low commission for working with each payment system.
  2. High reliability, no malfunctions.
  3. Simple and fast integration with the site on any CMS. Connection in 1-2 days.
  4. Instant feedback.
  5. The lack of the possibility of a refund (chargeback), this eliminates fraudulent actions on the part of buyers.

The low commission is due to the wide reach of the audience in different countries, hence the large profit even with a minimum percentage of the commission.

For the lack of chargeback, let us dwell in more detail. Chargeback is a refund procedure to a buyer. In this case, money is debited from the seller’s account and returned to the buyer. The obligation to prove the truth of the transaction rests with the seller. This is often used by dishonest buyers who, having paid and received a product / service, then protest the transaction and receive their funds back.

Wellcoinpay carefully checks its customers, and does not cooperate with companies that violate the law.

Below we will tell you how to accept payment in the online store using this system so that you appreciate the ease of working with it.

How to accept payments on the site using Wellcoinpay

  1. Check the conformity of your site at the link. After that, contact us in a convenient way to connect a merchant account.
  2. Register on the site by filling out several standard fields.
    Как принимать платежи на сайте при помощи Wellcoinpay
  3. After registration you will receive a merchant account. In it, integrate payment methods in any way convenient for you – by API, module or using a static form.
  4. Conduct test payments for each payment method to make sure that the system is working correctly. All payment systems for the site are connected!

Since the merchant account is associated with banking operations and banks, in order to open such an account, it is necessary to provide constituent documents online, as well as pass verification to confirm the legitimacy of the business.

But such a procedure is necessary to connect any payment system to the site. Any bank, any electronic money system will require the same. But in the case of Wellcoinpay this needs to be done once, not many.

How to make a payment on the site

The buyer needs to follow three simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Pay” button (“Put in the basket”, etc.) and select the desired payment method – by credit card, electronic money, cryptocurrency, Internet banking, using your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the required details – card number, e-wallet number, mobile phone number, etc.
  3. Click on the “Pay” button.

Wellcoinpay will debit the money from the card (electronic wallet) and send it to the seller’s specified account. The transaction is instantaneous.


It is not difficult to connect payment to the site using Wellcoinpay. The service is reliable, has many modules for working with any CMS. Its use allows to simplify and secure the most important procedure, such as receiving money for goods and services. Now the owners of online stores can focus on the development of their online projects in terms of increasing sales, creating a more user-friendly interface for the visitor, etc.

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