Internet acquiring


Internet acquiring is a modern online payment technology that allows you to pay for goods and services online without the help of a terminal. Payment can be made not only by bank cards, but also from electronic wallets.

Internet Acquiring Technology

The payment algorithm for Internet acquiring consists of several stages:

The client places an order, goes to the payment page, where he needs to choose a payment method and enter payment details (card number, e-wallet).

Then this information is transmitted via a secure channel to the payment system.

This data is verified and the payment system requests the permission of the bank to authorize the payment.

The bank sends a request to the IPU, which issued this card (Visa, Mastercard), after which the international payment system requests permission to authorize the payment in the bank that issued the card. The issuing bank verifies the card data and if the check is passed, the client receives a request for confirmation of the operation using SMS.

In the next step, IPU confirms the payment. The acquiring bank sends information about this to the payment system; in exchange for this, it receives a request to write off the order amount from the client's card. After that, the IPU sends a request to the issuer bank for making a payment. If the balance on the card allows this, the issuing bank allows the operation.

The IPS confirms the operation to the acquiring bank, the payment system notifies the payee, he, in turn, informs his client that the order has been successfully paid.


The payment system takes a commission for conducting transactions, which is usually paid by the payee. But you can be required to pay the fee of the payer. The optimal solution for small and medium businesses is cooperation with a payment system that works with several issuing banks. This allows you to optimize risks and reduce the size of commissions. The amount of commissions is usually set depending on the turnover – the bigger it is, the lower the commission.

Additional Features

Internet acquiring provides the following additional features:

Pay in one click

Recurrent payments

MOTO payments

Payment by link and invoice

Transfer text data with payment

Wellcoinpay is a modern payment platform that allows you to organize effective reception of online payments, regardless of where the recipient company and the payer are located.             

It is very easy to activate the Internet acquiring service – just download and install the appropriate module. It is flexible and allows you to choose the functionality that meets the needs of your business.             

Wellcoinpay’s Internet acquiring system is well protected from fraudsters. The functionality of the payment platform allows you to manage risks and control all transactions.             

Internet acquiring is universal, it can be used for various businesses.