Payment Gateway for High Risk Projects

Any business needs a payment gateway in order to accept card payments and process online transactions. You can open it quickly and easily, if you are a business with a moderate level of risk, on the contrary, if your business is classified as High Risk, it is not easy to find a high-quality payment gateway.

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Banks and other traditional financial institutions are wary of companies that are considered highly risky and often refuse their services without even considering an application. Fraudulent activities, such as spamming, hacking, theft of financial data, are serious threats when processing payments, so companies must first take care of the security of their customers’ data.

How does a payment gateway work?

Payment Gateway is a program code through which payments are accepted and all transactions are processed. It is developed by an acquiring bank or a payment system based on secure protocols and is the link between the site and the payment aggregator. When using a payment gateway, the buyer provides personal data directly to the payment aggregator, and not to each seller individually. Effective payments often require more than one payment gateway, but several, even in different currencies, to expand the geography of payments.

Principle of operation

  1. The buyer enters the necessary data on the seller’s website to pay for goods and services.
  2. Further, information about the operation is transmitted to the payment gateway, and then to the bank that issued the card.
  3. The request is transmitted by the bank to the payment system (Mastercard, Visa), which evaluates the credit history of the client and compares it with the provisions of the transaction.
  4. Then the bank sends the code in order to allow the system to carry out the transaction.
  5. The received code is transmitted to the payment gateway, and then to the seller.
  6. The transaction is approved by the bank, and the funds are transferred from the buyer’s account.

All operations go very quickly – in a few seconds.

Which business is considered highly risky?

It is worth noting that, High Risk does not necessarily mean loss-making business. High chargebacks most often cause banks to refuse to open an account for this category of business. In cases where the client is not satisfied with the service, product, or did not receive his goods at all, the client submits a complaint to the bank, then the bank initiates a refund on its behalf. Also limiting factors when opening a payment gateway is a low credit rating and a lack of credit card processing history. For example, High Risk includes: pharmaceutical products, collecting and antiques, pawnshops, gambling, forex, travel agencies, sports betting, etc. If you have come to the conclusion that your business is at high risk, then the best solution for you is Find a reliable online provider of high-risk payment gateways that specialize, usually in certain industries.

List of businesses that are classified as high risk:

  • partnership programs;
  • hyps;
  • dating sites;
  • crypto projects;
  • sports betting;
  • bookmakers;
  • information products;
  • casino;
  • Forex;
  • binary options;
  • collection agencies;
  • pharmacological online stores.

Why is it worth opening a payment gateway in Wellcoinpay?

With reliable banking connections and many years of experience worldwide, we offer you comprehensive solutions for high-risk merchant accounts with an approval rate of more than 93%. Contact us and you can find out all the details about payment gateways for your business. We have a strong support team and highly qualified staff who will answer all your questions.

We will quickly connect the payment gateway and configure the account on your site. Our team of experts accompanies entrepreneurs and advises them throughout the process.

In addition to high-quality credit card processing tools, we will also help you track suspicious transactions, fight money back, identify possible threats and consistently manage risks on a daily basis.


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