Payment in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a convenient means of payment, you can arrange to accept payments in cryptocurrency using the payment platform Wellcoinpay.

Cryptocurrency has firmly entered modern life, it has long become a reliable and convenient means of payment. If you want to increase the efficiency of your business and increase the conversion, connect the cryptocurrency payment.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency Payment

International payments. Cryptocurrency is international, its turnover is not as regulated as in fiat money. Acceptance of crypto payments eliminates small and medium businesses from many bureaucratic problems, simplifies calculations and investments.

No geo-referencing. Often, buyers are faced with the inability to pay for their purchase due to restrictions on international transactions. If the site has a reception of crypto payments, this problem disappears. This can significantly increase the number of customers.

Transaction processing speed. Payments in cryptocurrency are processed much faster than fiat. This is due to the absence of a large number of intermediate links in the processing of payment.

Security. Payment in cryptocurrency is the safest way to pay. Modern protection system allows you to save money even during hacker attacks.

Amount of commission. Crypto payment service has a much lower cost price, so the commission for such transactions is usually much lower than for ordinary bank payments.

Increase conversion. The presence of a cryptocurrency payment increases the number of customers. This can be your competitive advantage.

Acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency

In order to accept payment in cryptocurrency, connect to our project.

We offer our customers a convenient, flexible module that allows you to accept crypto payments. You can connect certain functionality and change it as needed. The cryptocurrency receiving module allows you to:

Accept payments through POS terminals

Accept payments at sales terminals

Accepting payments on the website using a plugin

Acceptance of payments through QR codes

Increase your business efficiency! Minimize payment risks, forget about returns and chargebacks!

That is what will ensure acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency. The client has no right to withdraw such payment. Refund is possible only at the initiative of the seller.

Crypto payments make it possible to expand the geography of your business – they can be made equally easily from any country. They do not have geo-referencing.

Acceptance of cryptocurrency is not limited to Bitcoin, the system allows you to work with all popular cryptocurrencies.

The process of connecting the payment module in the cryptocurrency is as simple as possible. It is enough to download it and install it on the site. All payment platform features become available after registration. Integration of the payment module on the site will not cause problems.