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The online gateway system for secure payments, thanks to which, in fact, we are witnessing a boom in online shopping, has established itself as the best that is offered today for doing business on the Internet with sales worldwide through the website.

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Thanks to the large number of international payment gateway options that Wellcoinpay offers, online shopping today can be done easily and securely. We offer comprehensive solutions for online payments, accepting payments electronically, managing transactions between the seller and the buyer.

Wellcoinpay offers you a convenient and flexible process for effectively managing your online banking solutions with a range of payment processing technologies that efficiently secure your transactions while guaranteeing high customer satisfaction. Since this payment method allows online shoppers to conveniently pay for goods / services with just a couple of clicks.

As the number of e-commerce purchases grows, so does the number of cashless payments. And with credit card payments, there is a risk of data security threats and fraud.

Online scams are on the rise and keeping important financial information about a buyer should be a seller’s top priority. The average customer does not think about it when making a transaction through a payment gateway. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a merchant to ensure safe and secure online payments.

Therefore, you must make the right choice to provide a reliable payment gateway for your business.

An entrepreneur certainly cannot prevent fraud, but you can take extra precautions to identify and control risks. The secure online payment gateway will do this.

The secure online payment system ensures the reliability of your customers’ transactions. Having a secure payment gateway with the right features can simplify the checkout process, which in turn increases the likelihood of successful payment.

Key features of online banking secure payment solutions

  • Reliable user verification
  • Using technology 3-D Secure to improve the security of transactions
  • Minimizing the risk of human error
  • Acceleration of transactions
  • No processing fees
  • 24/7 access to funds
  • No risk of loss / theft of checks
  • Reduction of paperwork.
  • Improved cash flow
  • Faster closing of transactions, mutual settlement and transfer of money to a bank account.
  • Automatic tracking of your customers’ payments through ACH
  • No manual verification required.
  • Automatic conversion of paper checks to ACH transfers
  • Tracking the status of the transaction in real time
  • Best service
  • Easy to implement – convenient, safe and efficient

Using a secure payment gateway from Wellcoinpay allows you not to spend money on equipment, software development, and worry about the safe storage of customer data.

Our company Wellcoinpay, headquartered in London, operates in 51 European countries, incl. in Great Britain, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland.

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