What stores accept Bitcoin as payment?

Only people living under a rock haven’t heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency yet. But even those who heard some things about it rarely have any idea on how the BTC can be beneficial for e-stores. And yes it is highly convenient and beneficial. It is automatically exchanged to local fiat currency for a merchant with a payment processor, which helps the retailers with the seamless turnover.

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The BTC payment offers the following advantages:

  • Low fees. The fees can differ for accepting BTC through the exchangers like Coinbase and for personal wallets, but in both cases, it is still lower than Credit Card or PayPal charges.
  • Higher security. The banks can withdraw money directly from your cards without your consent, which can lead to e-commerce fraud. That’s not the case with cryptocurrency. You’re unable to reverse it unless you have the merchant’s consent.
  • Extended market. Basically, you’re getting immediate access to the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts right away and in addition, it makes your market reach just broader by attracting the aforementioned group and regular crypto users.
  • Fast transaction. The Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be transferred near-instantly unlike credit card transactions which can take several days.

Nowadays BTC is getting more and more recognized by huge corporations and small businesses as a payment system. And it’s not that surprising given the advantages mentioned above.

World-known services that accept BTC

Currently, Bitcoin sits on the top of the blockchain, is known all around the globe. The number of companies accepting BTC grows constantly. . Whether the purpose of adopting Bitcoin is marketing or desire to stay relevant the fact is that companies only gain money from that.

In Japan only, the number of stores is around a quarter of a million. That’s the acceptance of BTC on a whole nation scale. But it’s quite interesting to look into the major businesses which accept BTC already.

Entertainment and learning services

  • Twitch. Belongs to Amazon.com, Inc. Though Amazon itself requires third-party services for clients to pay in BTC, the largest streaming platform Amazon owns allows to donate and pay for the Twitch services in BTC and the fork of BTC- Bitcoin Cash.
  • Microsoft. Microsoft Corporation allows paying for apps and movies with Bitcoin. Though you can’t yet buy anything from Microsoft online store.
  • Xbox. The biggest PlayStation competitor. Though it’s owned by Microsoft Corporation it fairly deserves the dedicated entry on the list. You can purchase games, subscriptions, and add-ons with Bitcoin easily.
  • PlayStation. Owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Like the Xbox, it allows purchasing games, subscriptions, and add-ons with Bitcoin.
  • Wikimedia. The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is the company that owns Wikipedia and it accepts Bitcoin via BitPay.

Worldwide restaurants that accept Bitcoin

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken. There’s a menu entry called “Bitcoin Bucket” in Canadian KFCs. You can pay via BitPay and get a limited custom bucket with a delivery right to your doorsteps. The KFC is famous for its limited buckets, this one specifically consists of 10 original tenders, waffles, a medium side, gravy, and 2 dipping sauces costing 20$ worth of BTC.
  • Subway. Numerous branches of Subway accept Cryptocurrencies. But the Subway press warns “don’t forget about the IRS”.
  • Burger King. Some Venezuelan Burger king restaurants and all the restaurants in Germany accept BTC now. Some people think that this is the marketing bait only to get the reputation of a progressive and forward-looking company. Burger King accepts Bitcoin and BCH for online-orders, delivery-only. Experts say that in the near future it may be accepted in Burger King branches worldwide except for the countries where BTC payments are still forbidden.
  • Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza, Inc. has recently adopted Bitcoin as a payment. Though like in all the aforementioned cases it works for online orders only.

Car companies and retailers that accept Bitcoin

  • BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG). Quite recently crypto traders started buying luxury tier BMWs on an unprecedented scale. And there’s a reason for it- BMW accepts Bitcoin now which was a smart move- the new clients were riched.
  • Tesla, Inc. Tesla is known for being welcoming to all the new technologies and it was the first automobile manufacturer that accepted Bitcoin.
  • Carriage Nissan. The Georgia branch of Nissan dealerships has adopted BTC as well. It partnered with BitPay to be able to do so. But they don’t provide leases in BTC yet.
  • Classic Recreations. It’s a Yukon, Okla based company that restores classic Ford Mustangs and Shelby American.
  • Luxury Car Dealers. Back in 2017, a Lamborghini dealer in Costa Mesa, Calif. started taking Bitcoin as a method of payment. Now you can find such dealers in N.Y, Albany, and Atlanta.
  • Bob Moore Auto Dealers. It has 18 dealerships in Oklahoma and accepts Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin.
  • E-Z Rent A Car. This company started to accept BTC to streamline the process of renting, which significantly increased its market share.

Financial services

There’s only one entry here, but it’s extremely significant.

  • PayPal owned by PayPal Holdings, Inc. The major payment system allowed merchants to accept Bitcoin back in 2014. The transaction cost is determined by payment processors and Merchants.

Honorable mentions

  • Shopify. That’s a world-wide known company that offers a platform for seamless creation of e-store. It has accepted Bitcoin since 2013.
  • Etsy. Like Shopify, it is a world-wide spread company, which provides a platform for selling jewelry, hand-made and vintage goods. The customers can pay with Bitcoin.
  • Fiverr. It is the largest freelance platform where users can pay in Bitcoin.
  • Gyft. This is an aggregator for gift cards and promo codes, it scraps the gift cards and promos from iTunes, Amazon, and every major store or service provider. And yes, it accepts Bitcoin.

In addition, if you want to find stores near you that work with Bitcoin, use Coinmap 2.0. It shows the merchants that accept BTC on a local map.


  • Red Cross and Red Crescent. It’s a multinational humanitarian organization with an incalculable number of projects over 157 years of its existence. You can make a donation via BitPay on their official website.
  • Save the Children. It’s a foundation that helps in providing better education and health care for children who faced war or natural disasters all over the globe.
  • The Water Project. A non-profit organization that helps to solve the water crisis in sub-Saharan Africa helping people to grow out of poverty and lack of clean water.
  • Watsi. Crowdfunding healthcare platform with complete transparency and Bitcoin donations.
  • Internet Archive. Giant internet libraries operating under CDL programs like all the brick-and-mortar libraries. It offers free access to any educational materials. 

In conclusion

The fact of Bitcoin becoming more and more like a traditional currency is undeniable with the constant growth of its use among big medium and small businesses. We’ve already mentioned CoinMap 2.0 but there are other ways to find the companies which accept crypto and Bitcoin users can spend his crypto indirectly with gift cards if some stores haven’t yet implemented Bitcoin payment. It may seem unconventional but nonetheless, it is a good sign of adopting BTC in the future everywhere.

With this rapid growth of Bitcoin Implementation everywhere around us, it is not that hard to join the club of progressive BTC merchants and reach the new markets. To make this real you’re going to need a good Bitcoin vendor. WELLCOINEX offers state-of-art payment gateway solutions with instantaneous transactions and low fees. It supports all the well-known cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DASH, NEO, ETC, XRP, XMR, and more. The WELLCOINEX works with banks, casinos, exchange platforms, e-commerce stores, and auctions. The intuitive multifunctional interface is there as well.

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