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The adult industry is one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses.

Thanks to the internet and anonymity, many people readily visit adult websites using a simple and convenient way to pay for it with credit cards.

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The world has come a long way in its worldview until it recognized that the adult industry is also good for people, like online education. Thanks to her, sexual crime, the number of divorces due to an unsatisfactory intimate life decreases. But the same cannot be said for banks and other financial institutions that are still reluctant to provide their services for businesses operating in this niche.

Many banks and financial institutions refuse to open accounts and process transactions for owners of porn sites, online adult toy stores, dating sites, strip clubs and other similar institutions. There have also been cases that banks have already blocked accounts of owners of such businesses already opened with them and frozen funds on them without prior notice.

Why were you refused to open an adult merchant account?

The adult entertainment industry is a completely legitimate business. But he still constantly faces financial constraints and outright discrimination.
For some reason, many bankers believe that porn sites and the sale of sex toys is illegal, ugly, immoral and use their capabilities to block such activities.

So, why do reputable bankers refuse decisions on adult merchant accounts?

Like some other types of business (gambling, selling marijuana, etc.), the adult entertainment industry has difficulty obtaining a plastic card processing service for the following reasons:

  • because of the products and services that are offered in this business niche;
  • banks do not want to risk their business reputation in order not to lose many of their business partners and customers;
  • there are strict bans on the processing of credit cards of business owners for adults at partner banks;
  • the somewhat controversial and uncertain nature of the adult industry business brings a certain amount of risk for banks as well;
  • anonymity of transactions that are inherent in this business causes a large percentage of returns;
  • high risks associated with the fact that often payments in the entertainment industry are based on a subscription;
  • the presence of unresolved legal issues, as well as large volumes of transaction processing.

All this leads to the fact that it is difficult for a business in the adult entertainment industry to get a merchant account from regular banks.

How to get an adult Merchant account?

Despite the many difficulties faced by adult business owners when obtaining an invoice, it is now already possible to get a merchant account from many payment system providers.

Although the easiest way is to apply for the service of obtaining a merchant account for doing business for adults to an international payment provider – Wellcoinpay.

In our company, which offers its services to the adult industry, the owners of such a business have a high chance of getting an adult merchant account and carrying out business operations without any problems.

When applying to open a merchant account for an adult business, the following conditions must be met:

  • have a positive credit history;
  • provide transparency to analyze your business providers and answer truthfully to questions;
  • your business must be legal and comply with accepted rules and regulations;
  • be prepared to open a reserve account on condition to continue your activities and pay for the provider’s services in case of blocking of the main current account.

How do you prevent chargebacks in your adult business?

Chargebacks are a huge problem in the adult entertainment industry. The anonymity of the transaction makes it very difficult to track the buyer and it is easy for him to tell that it was not they who made the purchase and demand to return the money debited from their bank cards.

Adult business owners can mitigate the risks associated with refunds – chargebacks. Here are some steps you need to take to prevent chargebacks in your business:

  1. Send a clear invoice to the buyer when making a purchase, including the company name, date of transaction and contact number.
  2. Automatic email confirmation of payment upon completion of the transaction.
  3. Offer refunds if a consumer disputes a purchase.

Merchant account for adults from scratch from payment system provider Wellcoinpay

Wellcoinpay, an international payment system provider, is a trusted account provider for entrepreneurs specializing in high-risk businesses. We have over 95% of approvals for such applications.

Our team specializes in providing a comprehensive service – providing an adult merchant account for processing payments and providing a secure payment gateway for making them.

Also here you can set up your adult merchant account for free with the help of our specialists. Whereas most merchant account providers charge a lot of money for setting up payments.

Wellcoinpay offers fair services and rates for any legal business that wants to offer various payment options to their customers.

We have developed effective preventive measures to prevent chargebacks, and we will be happy to offer them to you.

What types of adult businesses do we partner with?

The adult entertainment industry is huge and multifaceted, but Wellcoinpay partners with all legal types of such businesses. Including:

  • online stores of sex toys;
  • dating websites and escort services;
  • online chats and Skype chats;
  • streaming video and hardcore content for adults;
  • adult education: DVD, and online books, cartoons, MP3;
  • products that increase the potency and brightness of orgasms;
  • entertainment through online webcams
  • strip clubs and clubs for gentlemen.

Contact us now and find out more how we can help you get approved to open an adult merchant account.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Wellcoinpay, headquartered in London, offers merchant accounts for businesses of all sizes and in any legal field.
  2. Wellcoinpay establishes strong relationships with banks and merchant account holders for long-term success.
  3. We are one of the best providers of payment systems offering services for an adult merchant account throughout Europe and the UK as well.

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