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Want to provide your customers with new payment options? A merchant account (merchant account) is what you need if you want to keep up with changing trends in payment processes and expand your business at the expense of customers who prefer non-cash payments. Statistics show that non-cash transactions are in increasing demand all over the world.

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Payment processing services are a collection of financial services that help businesses accept credit and debit cards and other types of electronic payments through point of sale systems for physical (offline) stores. They also allow online transactions through an advanced and secure payment gateway (no physical use of a bank card).

Electronic payment processing is a prerequisite for any type of merchant who wishes to offer their customers goods and services with payment for them using electronic payments. The account can be created by banks or merchant account providers like us, Wellcoinpay. A seamless and secure transaction process is a must for the electronic payment process.

Reasons why you need payment processing

Besides the fact that your business will be able, with processing, to accept all forms of payment, there are additional benefits, such as the possibility of multi-currency transactions, improved cash flow and additional security. Let’s structure these advantages:

  • Ability to accept various forms of payment, expanding your customer base, which leads to increased sales and significant increase in business income.
  • Manual transaction can be time consuming. Whereas, accepting cash electronically shortens the payment process and the ordering process for customers is fast and efficient. This increases the throughput of the outlet and increases the comfort for customers (no need to stand in lines), which will undoubtedly increase their loyalty to your store.
  • By providing multiple payment options, you increase customer convenience and customer satisfaction.
  • Online shopping is thriving these days. They owe their popularity to the convenience of payment provided by the technology of non-cash online payments based on a merchant account.

Payment processing services from Wellcoinpay

Wellcoinpay offers a wide range of electronic payment solutions for many businesses, regardless of their size and type. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to expand your business. Our team understands your business goals and requirements and offers you customized payment solutions.

Wellcoinpay helps you connect with your customers by providing modern and secure payment processing solutions that are simple, convenient and affordable.

Wellcoinpay technologies help to protect own or third-party trading accounts and ACH Payment Processing accounts (electronic transfers from one bank account to another using an automated clearinghouse) for businesses.

Acceptance of bank cards and other forms of payment is key to a long and successful business.

Good deals on payment processing are hard to find. Wellcoinpay provides you with merchant accounts and ACH processing options for companies of all business categories.

Our team conducts a thorough study of all the requirements relevant to your business category in order to offer the optimal package of services. Our merchant services include online services for accepting electronic payments in a variety of ways, including credit card, ACH and real-time bank transfer based on network banking.

Usually Wellcoinpay can connect you to several gaining banks, card and payment networks. But in many cases we fully manage these technical connections and take over the relationship with the external network and bank accounts. This makes the owner of a merchant account from our company less dependent on financial institutions. This is especially important if sales are carried out all over the world.

Allowing a business to do business with one payment company (which already has relationships with acquiring banks around the world) can save a tremendous amount of time and effort that would be required if trust was established with more than one financial institution.

We also provide processing solutions for companies that require services for processing payments made via the Internet, pos-terminals in points of sale / retail stores, and made by ordering goods via telephone or mail (MOTO payments).

What is a merchant account provider?

Credit and debit cards have become the preferred payment method in today’s market, which is why a merchant account (merchant account) is vital for the vast majority of businesses.

Since consumers want the buying process to be as simple and optimized as possible, giving them the opportunity to pay in any way convenient for them has a beneficial effect on expanding the range of the target audience, increasing its loyalty to the company.

Wellcoinpay is a merchant account provider with extensive experience in creating them for companies of various business categories. We have an extensive network of relationships with acquiring banks around the world, which allows us to provide our clients with extremely competitive prices.

It also allows Wellcoinpay to work with a wide variety of companies, not just those that are suitable for traditional industries. This may include companies in businesses that are often viewed as “high risk”. These are, for example, selling pharmaceutical products or websites that provide online dating services.

How can I get processing for my business at Wellcoinpay

The first step to getting a payment processing for doing business is filling out and submitting an application form. It should contain the following information:

  1. The URL of the company website.
  2. Detailed information about the company (including information about directors and shareholders).
  3. Bank details to carry out the required credit checks.
  4. Technical characteristics of the website (for example, information about the server, on which CMS it is created).
  5. Details of the products or services provided.
  6. Information about customer service.

What payment options are needed – payment by bank cards, what currencies, the use of electronic money, MOTO payments, etc.

We offer:

  • Trading accounts for offline and e-commerce
  • High risk trading account
  • Third party trading accounts
  • Credit card processing
  • Processing ACH payments and checks
  • Credit transfers in real time via Internet banking for SEPA countries (EUROPE) and the UK.
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Payment gateways
  • POS terminals
  • Integration with shopping carts in online stores.


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