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Do you live in the UK but visit Paris often? Or are there children studying in Germany who need money for education and food? Or you will soon open a new business in Milan. Maybe an online store with target markets in Europe?

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If you frequently receive and make payments in euros, opening an account with a European bank makes transactions fast and profitable. You lose money every time you transfer it from one currency to another. With a sufficiently large volume of such payments, the losses will be tangible. In this case, you need a bank account in euros. This will not only make the process easier, but it will also help you save money.

Many companies already have a bank account in Euros, but if you are one of those who do not already have one, it is prime time you open one.

Not only traditional banks, but many other independent financial companies also offer the creation of a bank account in euros, which makes this service easier and cheaper.

Why do you need a European bank account?

As the name suggests, a European bank account allows you to make transactions pay or receive money in euros.

This is beneficial for individuals and legal entities who trade multiple currencies or even often simply transfer funds to relatives and friends abroad, since you lose money on currency conversions.

To summarize the benefits of having a bank account in euros:

  • Simplification of payment and receipt of payments in euros
  • Commission-free transfers to relatives and colleagues in the euro area
  • Exchange rate fluctuations can be carefully controlled to reduce the risk of financial losses
  • Low cost of currency exchange
  • Money transfers are safe
  • In some cases, bank accounts in Euros may contain several currencies in one account (multi-account)
  • Beneficial for individuals with international investment portfolios

Use the services of Wellcoinpay

Is it difficult for you to transfer and receive money in Europe? Thinking about opening a bank account in euros, but don’t know where to find it? Stop this search. Open a European bank account with Wellcoinpay, headquartered in London. With many years of experience in reliable banking relationships, we offer you an easy, affordable and fast way to make transactions in euros.

What else?

  • You also have the option to open this account online.
  • Our team will help you create your account quickly and for free.
  • Our money transfers are very secure.
  • We also provide a checkbook and / or credit book upon your request for deposits and payments in euros.

Why choose us

  1. Wellcoinpay offers customized and affordable merchant account services for all sizes and types of businesses.
  2. Wellcoinpay builds strong relationships with our merchants and our banking partners for long term success.
  3. We are one of the best providers of small business European bank accounts throughout the UK and Europe including UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland , Norway, Ireland and others. In total, in 51 one European country.

Wellcoinpay is an efficient service with the most competitive rates in the industry.We are your reliable partner to meet your banking requirements!

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