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A payment gateway is a service that automates the payment transaction between a merchant and a customer. It is a system of computerized processes in which the processing, verification, and acceptance or rejection of credit card transactions occurs online on behalf of an electronic merchant.

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The infrastructure of the international payment gateway allows the merchant to accept electronic payments made with bank cards from different banks and countries.

International payment gateways act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Payments are securely accepted (using various security punctures) from customers and transferred to the merchant’s bank account.

Payment gateways help protect sensitive customer information. Customer credit card numbers and other account information are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Simply put, payment gateways are the virtual equivalent of a physical POS terminal found in a regular business.

Benefits of an international payment gateway:

  • Protection against fraud. When customers shop online, financial information is not always secure. Uncertified e-commerce websites can misuse customer account details to perform unauthorized transactions, ultimately resulting in loss of money for your business. Hence, such data is carefully checked before authorizing the transaction.
  • Expanded client base. Payment gateways allow shoppers all over the world to have access to your business, leading to widespread expansion of your customer base.
  • Integration with shopping cart. Most often, payment gateway programs include software for integrating with an online store’s shopping cart. This allows customers to select products with a single click, add them to carts, and complete the purchase at checkout. Product prices, sales tax and shipping costs are calculated without employee involvement.
  • Fast transaction. Manual processing is a tedious process.
  • Payment gateway is a faster and more efficient process. Customers can shop with little or no time to pay for goods.
  • Round-the-clock access for customers – the payment gateway provides customers with round-the-clock access to your goods and payment for them. Purchases can be made at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.
  • Multiple currencies – the international payment gateway supports multiple currencies, which simplifies the exchange process. The existing market rates are applied to the exchange rate. Payment gateways make international business transactions faster and more cost effective.

The technology behind an international payment gateway is a simple four-step process:

  1. After selecting the desired product / service customers enter their bank card details on the payment page; this information is then sent to a secure payment gateway.
  2. Authentication – after the payment gateway receives this information, it verifies the authenticity of the user, that is, whether he is the owner of the card with which the payment will be made.
  3. Authorization – the transaction is either authorized or rejected by the issuing bank or card. The authorization message is sent to the seller.
  4. Settlement – information about the transaction is verified by the bank. The bank then settles the money using the payment gateway, and then the payment gateway settles with the merchant.

Why choose us

Wellcoinpay, headquartered in London, offers affordable and efficient international payment processing. Internet business is business all over the world. To build a successful e-commerce business, it is imperative that your business accepts online payments worldwide. Wellcoinpay provides an international payment gateway with full-featured services and a modern payment protection system.

  • Our international payment gateway functions will help you accept payments from different countries in different currencies, as well as other types of payments – through electronic payment systems, MOTO payments, etc.
  • We support a variety of bank card options around the world.
  • Wellcoinpay allows e-merchants to accept online payments from different locations and different payment methods around the world without additional conversion costs.
  • Our international payment gateway is reliable and efficient.

If you are an e-commerce company looking for a safe and efficient way to accept payments online around the world, Wellcoinpay is one of the best solutions. For more information on our international payment gateway services, please contact us.

We operate in 51 one European country, including the UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland.

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