Acquiring – what is it?

This article provides a simple explanation of the term “acquiring” and its advantages. Until recently, few people knew this word, but today it is quite difficult to do without it.

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Prerequisites for the Appearance

It is hard to imagine that just a few decades ago, people did not know about bank cards and somehow lived. Payment for goods went in cash, which, to put it mildly, is not entirely convenient. There was no miniature card with which you can pay for any purchase or, if necessary, cash out money. With bank cards, people received wages and other types of income on them, to pay utility bills and purchases in stores. Huge lines at the box office disappeared completely. The need for huge wallets that can accommodate cash has also almost disappeared.

Even if you didn’t hear the word “acquiring” (and, if you did, you don’t have a good idea of ​​what it is), you are actively using this good. Today, not only salary, but also pension is transferred to the cards, which saves the long-suffering postmen from walking around the apartments.

Initially, the card was created only in order to cash money. Over time, its functionality has expanded significantly. The ability to pay for work, services or goods with a card is called gaining.

Trading acquiring: what is it

Gaining translated from English means “acquisition”. Well, it’s logical: it means the acquisition of the opportunity to buy something. Here, using payment cards. The most common method of acquiring is using terminals at catering establishments, shops, and service centers. An electronic device, reading information from a card, takes a certain amount of money for a purchase (product or service). Currently, the number of companies that have installed payment terminals has exceeded 20 million. The gaining function is supported by 2 types of cards: Visa and MasterCard. Another type of bank card has spread in the United States: American Express.

So what do you need for acquiring equipment in an offline store?

  • Creation for an enterprise providing a gaining service of the conditions necessary for the installation of terminals.
  • Conclusion of an agreement with the organization providing the service. The store must pay this organization a predetermined fee.
  • The equipment of the outlet with special devices that allow you to make payments with plastic cards.
  • Mandatory acceptance of the card for settlement, under the contract.
  • Payment of a certain percentage for acquiring, under the contract.

The obligations of the organization providing the service are as follows.

  • Training employees in the proper service of customers paying with bank cards.
  • Providing advisory support on emerging issues of a technical and legal nature.
  • Installation of terminals that provide the ability to pay with a plastic card.
  • Providing the shopping center with consumables and licensed software.

An important point is the ability to instantly check the buyer’s solvency in order to avoid unnecessary risks. If there is not enough money, the seller instantly receives the necessary information.

The store receives its revenue minus the amount of the commission specified in the contract.

Gradually, in addition to commercial acquiring, other varieties of it appeared: mobile and Internet acquiring.

Features of Internet Acquiring

Over the past decade and a half, the popularity of online commerce has grown exponentially. Traditional shopping centers got a little boring for shopaholics, and they turned their attention to online stores. The reasons for this are clear:

  1. You can purchase goods without spending time shopping in shopping centers in search of the right thing or product. Going through the pages of WEB sites is much easier than going shopping. And much faster. There is no need to talk about buyers living in small settlements.
  2. As a rule, most online stores sell at lower prices than offline centers.

One of the ways to pay for goods is much more convenient than the usual cash on delivery, namely Internet acquiring. It is possible to use this method of calculations when playing online casino.

The advantages of this method of payment, both for customers and for implementing companies, are as follows.

  • More features available to customers. This means that the likelihood that he will come again for shopping to this particular store is increasing.
  • No need to worry about postal orders. The company is guaranteed and almost instantly receives its money in a current bank account, and the buyer does not need to store cash in order to pay at the post office.
  • No need to install expensive special equipment. To establish Internet acquiring, you need 2 things: a computer and a current bank account.
  • Growth in sales due to people who prefer online shopping.
  • Ability to shop 24/7, without regard to weekends and holidays.
  • The ability to expand the range of products, compared with offline centers.

In order to prevent customers of online stores or casino sites from becoming victims of online scammers, banks are developing various methods of protection, such as passwords, codes, messages via SMS. Naturally, an organization providing an acquiring service receives a reward of 1 to 5% for this. However, as they say, “it is worth it.”

Internet Acquiring Algorithm

  1. The buyer makes a purchase, choosing to pay with a plastic card.
  2. The buyer is redirected to the provider’s page for authorization. The buyer enters the details of the payment card in the fields.
  3. The provider carries out requests: to the issuing bank, and then to the international payment system.
  4. A response is formed to the provider about the possibility or impossibility of a financial transaction.
  5. The provider informs the customer and the online store about the possibility of buying.
  6. Next is the direction of the clearing file to the settlement bank. Settlement bank transfers money to the seller’s account.

The cost of services is affected by such factors.

  • Affiliation of the processing center: own or outsourced.
  • Fraud protection level.
  • Range of additional services.
  • Type of activity of the implementing company.
  • The value of the current turnover on electronic payments.

The basic requirements for Internet gaining are the quality of the services provided and security. Therefore, the search for a reliable operator is so important.

Mobile Acquiring

His homeland is the USA. Currently, he is confidently conquering post-Soviet countries. The popularity of mobile gaining has exploded with the proliferation of smartphones. By analogy with Internet gaining, mobile gaining means the ability to pay for goods and services using a mobile gadget. It can be an iPhone, tablet or smartphone. Using mobile gaining provides for the payment of a commission, which is from 2 to 5 percent. This does not concern the buyer: payment of the commission is the seller’s responsibility.

The essence of mobile acquiring is as follows. A special application is installed on the mobile device. Reading the card data, it sends a request to the bank and transfers the money from the account of the purchasing enterprise. Confirmation of the transaction is an electronic cashier’s check.

The advantages of mobile acquiring, in comparison with other varieties, include.

  • The relative cheapness of the mPOS terminal.
  • Portability. The client has the opportunity to shop in places where there are no traditional PCs and power connections. Because of this, Internet gaining is so attractive for small and medium enterprises, in particular, for carrier companies.
  • The ability to make secure transactions in open space, outside of capital facilities. Using cash in such conditions is always fraught with theft and fraud. Payment by credit card reduces this risk to nothing.
  • Ability to sell services and goods around the clock. Given that there are many budget models among smartphones, one can expect a significant increase in sales.

There are also disadvantages. For example, poor distribution. Mobile acquiring is possible with a MasterCard, Visa payment card. With cards that serve niche payment systems, mobile acquiring is not possible. The limiting factor is the battery charge of the mobile device. If you are a seller with mPOS, then having a spare battery is an objective necessity.


If you are the owner of a business selling goods or services, then you are simply doomed to give the client the opportunity to pay by credit card. This automatically enhances your competitiveness. In addition, non-cash payment provides such benefits for the business.

  • Growth in sales and revenue by about 1/5 by attracting wealthy customers.
  • An increase in the number of customers by about a third, which allows you to gain a foothold in the market and increase competitiveness.
  • Elimination of the risk of receiving fake banknotes.
  • Improving the qualification level of staff, and in the framework of cooperation with the company providing services. In fact, staff development is free.
  • Complete elimination of the human factor from receiving money.

To connect gaining to an online store, you need to choose an organization that provides similar services and conclude an agreement with it. Next is the development of a web interface using security features. The buyer will be able to enter the data of the plastic card completely freely, without fear of scammers. The procedure is as follows.

Choosing a company providing acquiring services

The easiest option is to compare tariffs from different organizations. It remains to choose only the optimal conditions for themselves. If your business involves the use of various payment instruments: terminals, bank cards, etc., an aggregator is the best option. In addition, aggregators have minimal documentation and enterprise requirements.

The advantage of the bank is high security of financial transactions, a small amount of commission. Using a banking service involves opening a deposit or account.

Writing a statement

The application is written on the website of the organization providing the acquiring services. The applicant is required to correctly fill in all the fields of the contact form. After the application is written, the direct preparation and conclusion of the contract follows.

Installation of necessary programs

The presence of licensed software is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of acquiring. Using programs, as a rule, does not raise any questions. If they did arise, the company – the seller of acquiring services – advises the client for free.

Acquiring Innovation

It’s about crypto acquiring. The buyer, using his cryptocurrency, pays for goods and services. The advantages of cryptocurrency acquiring include.

  • High level of efficiency of settlements.
  • Anonymity.
  • Negligible commissions, and sometimes they are simply not there.

Cryptocurrency conversion takes place, but the client does not need to delve into all the nuances. The main thing that he pays for is the ability to use a crypt on a par with familiar money.

If you want to connect acquiring on favorable and attractive terms, contact our company. You can leave a request on the site. A specialist will contact you to discuss all aspects of collaboration. Acquiring will be established in the shortest possible time.

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