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Time does not stand still, and today absolutely any thing can be purchased on the Internet in online trading stores, which are gaining more and more popularity and continue to develop.

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Each owner of a selling website thinks about simplifying the conditions for purchasing goods and improving the quality of services for their customers.

It is especially important to ensure convenient payment acceptance on the site. This is a prerequisite in order to achieve regular online sales.

Of no less importance is the fact that when choosing the method of making payments on his resource, the owner of the online store took into account not only tariffs and reliable protection of client payments, but also a payment method that is convenient for the buyer.

But for this it is necessary to know what calculation options exist.

So, the methods of receiving payments on the site:

  • With a plastic card or electronic money, where a processing center is engaged in the processing of financial transactions;
  • By mobile phone, when the required amount is debited from the customer’s account using mobile operators;
  • Payment for goods or services using e-invoicing technology, where payment is carried out through online banking by invoicing the buyer;
  • Bank cash desks or self-service terminals, as well as the transfer of funds to the courier or cash on delivery – payment is carried out in post offices.

But the most popular method of accepting online payments on the site is Internet acquiring. Thanks to this service, the client can pay for goods and services with a credit card directly from the page of the online store.

The system of accepting payments on the site using a card is one of the fastest and most reliable payment methods.

Payments are accepted from ordinary bank cards and electronic wallets, which significantly increases the flow of customers who prefer cashless payments.

How is everything going?

Payment by card on the store page is made through a special web-interface. With the participation of the processing center and the acquirer bank, the funds are transferred to the seller’s company account from the balance of the buyer’s card.

The issuing bank is the bank that issued the plastic, and the acquiring bank is the one that accepts the request for the identification procedure.

Thus, the acquirer only works in tandem with the processing center that carries out all clearing operations. In addition, it also provides an interaction interface.

For the operations performed, the processing center or the bank charges a fee, the amount of which is determined by the following data: the turnover of transactions conducted over a certain period, the geography of the clients of this site and the legal package of documents.

Also, accepting payments through the site should be safe, which is provided by the processing center. Card data is transmitted using specially protected 3D-SecureCode protocols (for Visa and Mastercard).

How to organize the acceptance of payments on the site?

Many owners of online stores believe that connecting to accepting payments on the site is a difficult task for understanding a simple person who does not understand this issue.

It is this misconception that leaves its mark on the fact that more traditional payment methods remain on their sites. But, in fact, there are no difficulties in the installation of such an interface and its use.

First, of course, you need to look at the catalog of payment acceptance sites. After that, the enterprise turns to the aggregator and orders this service from it for its website, and it, in turn, cooperates with well-known electronic systems, as well as Visa, MasterCard cards.

Professionals for a short period of time specially adapt the service to a specific site, after which it is installed and configured. Right after debugging, customers will be able to use the new payment method.

It is not necessary to have a specialist in the staff to maintain and adjust the system if necessary.

Employees of the organization that connected the module for receiving payments will themselves carry out all the manipulations necessary for the work.

And they, in addition to configuring and troubleshooting, guarantee the security of the system. There are no restrictions on the period of cooperation with the company.

Today, any owner of an online resource can organize online payment on the site, regardless of what his store sells. But for the established and productive work, it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • The site should be filled to the maximum, with accurate data on the company;
  • A resource must include more than one page;
  • The entire range of products posted on the site should have a full description;
  • Edit catalogs and price lists so that it is convenient for the user;
  • The mechanism of this resource is required to meet the requirements of international payment systems.

For a simple and easy connection process, you need to bring all the company documentation in full order.

As we see, the organization of receiving payments on the site is a necessary requirement for a successful business.

Most of the world-famous companies make settlements using electronic payment systems. Indeed, the advantages of this type of calculation are obvious. It:

  • Payment is made both by a regular card and electronic money, which increases the number of customers who do not like to use cash;
  • Counterparty trust in your organization is increasing;
  • The image of the store is increasing;
  • The boundaries of the geography of customers are expanding, and cooperation with customers from different regions and states is becoming real.

In addition, a big plus for the company is that it can not be spent on office rent, saves on costs when sending goods by cash on delivery and reduces to zero all the risks of paying for products to the courier.

Using the service of accepting payments on the website, shopping for online store customers will become simple and straightforward.

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